The launch of a 9 million-rupee car

Present there were, Jaguar XF and XK; Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata; likes of Chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover David Smith, Managing Director Phil Popham & Mike O’Driscoll and a hoard of reporters. We are talking about the launch press conference a function held at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. A prestigious show like that had to be nothing less than a spectacle and we were there to create magic.

Audio Dimensionz takes pride in successfully executing the launch press conference. Superior quality sound, lights good enough to highlight the cars showcased at the event and projection quality that did justice to the grandeur of a car that class. The technical crew that was flown in from UK had precise specifications and Audio Dimensionz had no trouble delivering on these.

“Technical perfection and precision of time was the need of the hour. We had our best team working behind this event and we are glad to have delivered to the client’s satisfaction”, says Herman of Audio Dimensionz.

We are proud to be a part of the historic event where the exclusive importer of JLR cars in India brought the Jaguar to Indian shores. We have added another flawless show to our list of events.


Some of the gear used at the event was:


JBL VRX932 LA Tops
JBL VRX918S Subs
Nexo PS 15 (for stage monitors)
Lab Gruppen - FP 10000q Amplification
EAW UX 8800 - Loudspeaker Management Controller
Yamaha - M7CL 48 Digital Board
Shure - U4D Wireless System
Shure - MX 418 Gooseneck Mikes
Smaart live v.6


Barco CLM R10 with 0.8 lenses
Analogway OctoFx
Panasonic MX70
Gefen Dvi HDMI Extender
Pioneer Media Player


Profile spots (ETC)
Source 4par
Digital Dimmers